Troy Morrison II, Licensed Real Estate Agent in Georgia

As the principal and realtor for Take Care Realty, Troy Morrison brings not just the licensed knowledge of the real estate industry but the unique experience as a former real estate investor. Troy provides Take Care Realty clients the valuable insights of knowing what is going to meet their needs and desires for now and the future.

In addition, Troy has an intimate, behind the scenes perspective that can assure that when ready to go to contract clients are fully ready. With Take Care Realty you can trust that nothing is going to fall through the cracks leading to possible delays or even worse, losing the sale or home of your dreams.

A Licensed Real Estate Agent in Georgia That Takes Care of You

At Take Care Realty, our vision is to provide our clients with a personalized experience. We understand that you can’t just categorize people into buyers or sellers, everyone has a unique need when it comes to choosing a home, commercial building, or property.

What is Your Dream?

  • Finding a Starter Home

  • Selling Your Home to Live Your Dream Retirement

  • Finding a Commercial Building for Your New Business

  • Finding THE Property to Build Your Dream House

  • Acquiring that Critical Piece of Property for Investment

For Buyers

Take Care Realty is committed to helping homebuyers to acquire their dream home. With the in-depth training as a real estate agent and the extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, Troy Morrison brings a unique perspective to home acquisition. Troy knows how to help homebuying and commercial clients focus in on what you want now and what you need for the future.
With a keen knowledge of the areas he serves, Troy can help clients to find homes, buildings, or properties that have the best chance for maintaining or even better, increasing in value. And, how to do it quickly in today’s unpredictable market.

We Help Buyers By…

  • Getting You Approved

  • Finding a Home Within Your Budget

  • Being Aggressive to Get THE House You Want with a Competitive Offer

For Sellers

While it may be a sellers’ market, there are a lot of sellers! For home sellers, the competition is steep.Unfortunately, if your home is in a location that is in transition, you need the best representation you can get.
Take Care Realty understands not only the complexities of residential and commercial real estate marketing but also what can make your home or commercial building stand out from the competition. Possessing the valuable knowledge of real estate investment and “flipping,” Troy Morrison can advise you on what enhancements will pay off the best and increase buyer appeal. Having Take Care Realty on your side means saving time, money, and stress.

We Help Sellers By…

  • Advising What Is Needed to Make Your Residential or Commercial Property Appealing

  • Using The Latest Real Estate Industry Listing Tools Available

  • Creating Excitement About Your Property

  • Devising a Marketing Plan That Gets Your Home, Property, or Building SOLD at the Optimal Price

Services Take Care Realty Offers

As a licensed real estate agent in Georgia, Troy Morrison and Take Care Realty provide several services for residential and commercial clients. Whether looking to purchase a dream home, sell land, or invest in a commercial building, Take Care Realty has a passion for real estate and is committed to helping you accomplish your goals.
Let us serve you as your… Buyers Agent, Sellers Agent, or Listing Agent.

We Provide Services For...


Luxury Homes

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Estate Homes

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Fixer Uppers

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Investment Properties

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Commercial Buildings

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Land for Sale

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Industrial Properties

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Short Sales

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Vacant Land

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Residential Properties

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Commercial Properties

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Areas Take Care Realty Serves



In addition to these areas, Take Care Realty also has connections in other counties and cities. We are where you need us.

Start the Process with Take Care Reality

Take Care Realty, Your Licensed Real Estate Agent in Georgia

The real estate market is at its most unpredictable level in 20 years. For buyers and sellers, entering the real estate marketplace can be a stressful and overwhelming process. You need a realtor that who can navigate the unpredictable real estate market by not only taking care of your needs, but has the background to help you get the most out of your real estate investment.

Troy Morrison and Take Care Realty are here to walk you through your real estate purchasing or selling experience to reach your goal. Let us take care of you now.

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