A Caring Licensed Real Estate Agent in Georgia Makes All the Difference

When searching for a realtor it is not just about the amount of their commission. It is a partnership. The right realtor will take care of you by understanding your real estate goals to make them a reality. Potential home and commercial property buyers and sellers need a realtor that can guide them through the process with understanding and knowledge. Take Care Realty and Troy Morrison are here to make a difference.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Meet Troy Morrison

Troy Morrison has spent many years mastering the complex world of real estate investment, however along the way he came to feel something was missing. While becoming a formidable leader and experiencing great profitability, Troy wished to help others with his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry. And so, Take Care Realty became a reality.

Using his knowledge as a licensed real estate agent in Georgia combined with a bachelor’s in economics and a decade of experience in real estate investment, Troy understands the financial complexities involved with buying and selling property. It is this valuable and unique experience combined with Troy’s passion for helping others that drives Take Care Realty to help our clients reach their goals and make their real estate dream a reality.

Standing Out from The Crowd…

“My business is special because I have seen first-hand how real estate can change someone’s life and because of that I feel that my purpose is to help others through real estate. This sense of purpose drives me to get homes sold for my clients and drives me to be aggressive to win offers for my buyers and get them their dream home.”

Troy Morrison

What is Your Dream?

  • Finding a Starter Home

  • Selling Your Home to Live Your Dream Retirement

  • Finding a Commercial Building for Your New Business

  • Finding THE Property to Build Your Dream House

  • Acquiring that Critical Piece of Property for Investment

Let Us Take Care of Your Real Estate Needs

Whether you have short-term or long-term goals when selling or buying your next property, Troy Morrison of Take Care Realty is a licensed real estate agent in Georgia ready to help you make a wise investment that aligns with your vision.

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